They recreate GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas in Unreal Engine 5, and the result is spectacular

GTA Unreal Engine 5

The new generation of graphics and lighting realism offered by the new Unreal Engine 5 from Epic Games is showing what awaits us for the next generation of video games, and what better way to imagine what is coming in a few years, with a concept of what this graphics engine could do for GTA’s most beloved classics.

The incredible recreation of GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas in Unreal Engine 5 comes to us from TeaserPlay, a YouTube channel dedicated to recreating classic video games in versions with the latest graphics. In these two videos, we can see how this new graphics engine handles lighting with great precision, as well as handling reflections and environmental conditions.

Although these are only imaginary recreations of what a lovingly made remake of these two classics could look like, it’s still impressive how realistic video games built with Unreal Engine 5 will be.. Already in the past TeaserPlay had made recreations of other games like Silent Hill or The Last of Us with improved graphics on their channel, but definitely what this new graphics engine offers is well above our expectations of what a remake could be.

Perhaps this will show Rockstar Games what fans would be expecting from their already announced GTA 6, and what could have been and was not the recently released Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, a β€œremaster” of its three best games, which initially ran even worse than their original versions.

Although very little is known about what GTA 6 is going to offer, it is Rumor has it that Rockstar Games wants to bring back that ’80s vibe that everyone loved so much with GTA Vice City, with a new version of Miami at the end of the century. Until that moment arrives, why not keep imagining a little thanks to concepts like TeaserPlay.

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