This is the new iPad Air (2022) with M1 chip

Last year, Apple announced the new generation of iPad Pro, with important innovations associated with the use of the M1 Apple Silicon chip for the first time, as well as the introduction of 5G connectivity and the Liquid Retina XDR screen.

Well, in the first event that the company has carried out in 2022, Apple presented the new iPad Air, which adopts the Apple M1 chip for the first time with which its performance is increased, according to the company’s words, in a 60% the CPU and 2x the graphics section.

As some may remember, the iPad Air underwent a fairly significant redesign in 2020 with the arrival of the new generation, eliminating the home button and making its tablets mid-range looks much more like the range iPad Pro premium. Now Apple has revolutionized its interior with the new chip.

iPad Air

What is the price of the new iPad Air (2022)?

Apple confirmed that it maintains two possible configurations of 64 GB and 256 GB, in order to offer a more affordable entry price for the general public. Thus, the confirmed price for the lowest model is €679 / MXN$15,499.

This is how they are positioned. diferent models based on your memory and connectivity:

  • iPad Air (2022) with 64 GB, Wi-Fi: €649 / MXN$15,499
  • iPad Air (2022) with 256 GB, Wi-Fi: €849 / MXN$19,699
  • iPad Air (2022) with 64 GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular: €849 / MXN$19,699
  • iPad Air (2022) with 256 GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular: €1,019 / MXN$23,899

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With the new very varied price range established by Apple, we don’t expect much to change when the new Air arrives. Thus, we will continue to move in the price bracket of between €600 and €1,000.

New features of the 2022 iPad Air

Once we know what’s new in this year’s iPad Air, in addition to the leap at the processor level by integrating the M1 chip for the first time, there are also other interesting news that you should know about. Some of them are associated with the version of the iPadOS 15 operating system.

What’s new in the processor

A component that is practically guaranteed is the renewal of the processor. What we do not know is whether Apple will maintain the natural evolution of its A-series processors or, on the contrary, will choose to equip the iPad Air with the new M1 silicon chipset from Apple Silicon.

The current iPad Air (2020) features an A14 chip, as is also found in the iPhone 12 models, so it would make sense that any new silicon chips that appear in the latest Apple phones would also appear in the iPad Air. (2021) when it is released.

Touch ID under the screen

It is true that the redesigned iPad Air (2020) avoids the problem by incorporating the Touch ID sensor in the power button on the side, as it also incorporates the new iPad mini, but it would make a lot of sense to use this new technology in any updated version of the iPad Air .

iPad Air 2020 touch ID

It is something that gains strength with the idea of ​​Apple that little by little, it will eliminate the ports and buttons of all its devices to make them more watertight and improve their certification of resistance to liquids and exposure to dust.

Greater variety of storage

This is more of a hopeful plea than something we really think will appear in the next iPad Air. At the moment, the entry-level model features just 64GB of storage, which is way too small for a device that costs that much, but it keeps the price down.

Raising the amount to 128GB would be much better in terms of allowing more content and apps to be stored on the device without having to juggle free space.

Upgrading the second storage option to 512GB instead of the current 256GB would keep a noticeable difference between the two models, but make life a little easier for consumers.

Of course, Apple could offer three different storage tiers, like it does with the iPhone, allowing people to get an iPad that really suits their needs best.


ProMotion is the refresh rate built into the display that goes up to 120Hz and makes scrolling incredibly smooth and overall gives iPad Pro a sumptuous viewing experience.

Until now, the Pro part of the name has indicated that this is a feature reserved for premium Apple devices. But with so many Android smartphones already employing this technology, we think it could be something that will eventually come to the iPad Air (2021).


There are very few tablets that come with an IP68 waterproof rating. Samsung has had its Active Tab range in the past, while e-book readers have long since jumped on this trend to survive a dip in the pool or beach.

The current reality is that if you drop your current iPad in the sink while trying to read a recipe, it probably met a bad end.

We’re not sure if the issue is the technical challenge of sealing a unit the size of an iPad, but Apple has shown in the past that it’s always up for a design challenge.

With that in mind, we’d love to see the next iPad Air come with waterproofing, so it can survive in the rain, on the beach, or the usual kitchen hazards.

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