TikTok is testing a ‘clear mode’ for a distraction-free scrolling experience

TikTok is testing a new feature that would enable a distraction-free scrolling experience in the app, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. The new feature, which is called “clear mode,” is currently in limited testing with select users. Clear mode removes all clutter on the screen, such as subtitles and buttons, when viewing content in the app. The new setting was spotted by users and highlighted by the social media consultant. mateo navarra on Twitter. Screenshots posted by users show that once clear mode is activated, you will no longer see usernames, subtitles, audio information, and more. In some cases, it seems you can also ditch the like, comment, and share buttons for a completely distraction-free viewing experience. Users who are part of the limited test and have access to light mode will see the option when they press and hold the screen. Once you do, the ‘Clear Mode’ setting will appear below the ‘Add to Favorites’ button in the menu. Clicking that will activate the distraction-free viewing experience. If fully implemented, the new feature could be a welcome addition for people who want to get rid of screen clutter and just focus on the content they’re viewing. Clear mode could also be useful in cases where usernames and subtitles end up covering important parts of a video. Additionally, viewers will often comment “trim” on a video, indicating that they want the user to reload the video so that it can be captured and trimmed without subtitles or buttons obstructing the content. Turning on light mode might eliminate this problem. TikTok said it doesn’t have much to share about the trial at this time. Considering that clear mode is in limited testing, there’s no word on when or if TikTok plans to roll it out more widely. TikTok is currently testing a number of new changes to its platform, as it was recently revealed that the company is investing more in HTML5 games. It appears that TikTok is also working on a LIVE mobile gaming feature that would allow creators to better engage fans during the live stream. TikTok has also started testing a way for users to identify comments they find irrelevant or inappropriate through a private dislike button. Once a user dislikes a comment, the dislike will not be public and commenters will not receive a notification that their comment has been disliked.


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