Too Good to Go How to download Too Good To Go on my mobile? – Step by step tutorial Too Good To Go is an application that has been taking…

Too Good To Go is an application that has been gaining popularity in different cities in Europe and in some countries in America. Since it is an App that allows reuse leftover food at the end of the day in establishments. Now, if you are interested in having this App on your mobile phone, here we will show you how to download it. But not just install it.

How to register to use Too Good to Go?

This program has had a great impact worldwide due to its objective of reducing environmental pollution. And it is that, this offers a very innovative and simple solution to help avoid throwing food in the trash. Besides, it allows people to change their attitude and be part of carrying out a better world. Regarding the registration in the App, you must execute the following:

  1. The first thing you have to do to sign up for Too Good To Gois to download the App on your mobile.
  2. Enter the app store that has your phone or tablet and search for Too Good To Go.
  3. Once the App appears, you can install it.
  4. You will have to decide which account you want to sign up with, as it offers two options. Within the alternatives you have to enter with your email and the other with your Facebook account.

register in too good to go and start contributing to this cause

  • Then you can select your location and so start viewing establishments that are associated.
  • Within the application you will find different classifications available to search for the Packs. The categories are: Nearby (for me the most useful), special for dinner, pick up tomorrow and freshly saved.
  • You will have to choose the category you prefer and right there you will choose the Pack that suits you best. Remember that the Packages are surprises, so you will not know what is inside.
  • Make the payment of the order and take into account the time of withdrawal.

Can Too Good to Go be used from my computer?

If you are one of those people who loves to help the environment improve in terms of pollution, then install the App on your PC. Effectively you can download this software on a computer. Since, the creators of it have entered in the different app stores. In addition, they have allowed it to be used both on phones and on a computer.

Likewise, you can find Too Good To Go in the App Store for Mac Devices. But you will also find it in Microsoft for Windows PCs. So, there is no excuse to download it to your computer and contribute to this ecological cause. In addition, it is an app that is similar to other delivery alternatives, which carry the same ideology.

How many users does Too Good to Go have?

The first people registered on the Too Good To Go platform they were its creators they started testing. Let us remember that this idea was born from the fact that they saw in a restaurant where they enjoyed a Buffet, the waiters threw the food in the garbage.

know how many users are registered in too good to go

It all started at the end of 2015 and 6 years later, this App has been well received by more than 46 million users they have downloaded it. Likewise, it has become an idea that many beneficiaries who want to contribute to their cause, which is not to throw food waste in the trash.

This software has linked thousands of restaurants, bakeries, hotels and others, who are about to throw food to those who do not. Since, he offers to sell these leftovers to other users for a low cost and that there is no loss for the company.

How to correctly activate the notifications of Too Good to Go?

Currently we are in a world where pollution has covered the planet earth and which has caused its deterioration. For this reason, if you want to be a promoter of a change and that it be for the better, the best thing is that you can contribute and be a part of Too Good To Go. This movement will offer you food supplies that are leftovers from a dish or those about to expire at a low price.

So, remember to activate the notification bell of the application so that it alerts you when there is availability of a package near you.

trick to find cheap food Besides, it will let you know through a notification if an establishment changes the pick-up time or even if they cancel your pack. In addition, to activate the notifications of the Too Good To Go App you must access the application and there you enter the settings. Then, you will have to select the notifications option and activate the app permission.

Tricks in Too Good to Go to see the cheapest food

As such, there is no trick that allows you to see the cheapest food that is offered at the time in the App. The method is to dedicate a little of your time to calmly review the stores that are close to your location.

Furthermore, when viewing the establishments that are close to you, You can see the packs and their value. After you look at the prices, you can decide which package you want to buy and which office.