Too Good to Go In which cities in Europe can I use Too Good to Go? Technology has gone from being a simple tool to building…

Too Good to Go In which cities in Europe can I use Too Good to Go? Technology has gone from being a simple tool to building…

Technology has gone from being a simple tool to building a better world. Too Good To Go is a clear example, which originates from a movement to combat food waste. It has the firm conviction of being one of the best app delivery. His idea was born in Denmark, but, at present, it has spread to more than 9 countries in Europe.

The application allows all establishments that sell food sell for a low price those foods that have not been liquidated at the close of the day.

In addition, with the possibility of choosing home delivery with affiliates, the reservation is similar to placing the order in ‘PedidosYa’, or you can go directly to the establishmenteither. Thanks to the above, more than 5 million users have been created and more than 7 million food packs have been saved.

Can I use Too Good to Go within the whole of the UK?

The European Union wastes more than 88 million tons of food a year, which is why the United Kingdom has joined the movement. England, Northern Ireland and Scotland have taken targets to reduce food waste in homes nationwide.

In favor of sustainable development, more than 12,000 establishments across Europe have joined the movement, from small businesses to large hotel buildings.

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So, the app is available to help millions of people reduce food waste at home. This, together with other projects such as EG Group, have achieved reduce more than 17% of waste nationally. To date, more than 111,000 Magic Bags have been collected, saving some 650 tons of Co2e emissions for the environment.

The UK is the seventh country that wastes the most food, wasting around 560 kg of food per person per year. So, more than 800 stores and dealers have joined the Too Good To Go platform throughout the United Kingdom since 2020. Cities such as Brighton, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester and London have joined more than 100 stores attached to the movement.

Is it possible to use Too Good to Go in France?

France became the first country in the world to pass legislation to ban supermarkets from wasting groceries not sold.

So, Too Good To Go has been enabled for France, as it offers the possibility for a food store to donate to the NGO for combat child malnutrition. This has made Legifrance more attractive, so its use has been highly renowned throughout the world.

This is because businesses prefer sell your meals cheaply, who get fines of €75,000 for not distributing their unsold products. So, strolling through the streets of Paris, you’ll have food to spare from Eric Kayser, Sushi Shop, La Tour d’Argent, La Boulangerie de la Tour, Jojo & Co, Opoa or Les Belles.

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How can I use Too Good to Go within Belgium?

In Belgium, households waste between 15-20 kilograms of food per inhabitant, which represents about 174 euros per year. The application strives to meet the goal of reduce food waste by 30%. Ghent, the most sustainable and waste-reducing city in Belgium, now has Too Good To Go since 2018, fitting perfectly with its philosophy.

There are 1,200 participating establishments throughout Belgium to avoid throwing away approximately 185,000 meals a year. In the application you can choose restaurants, supermarkets and hotels that unsold portions are sold at a very low price. Stores such as Panos, Vooruit CafĂ©, Sushi Gourmet, Proxy, Pasta La Vista and EXki are participating in the ‘too good to waste’ movement.

How can I use the Too Good to Go app in Italy?

Milan is leading the way in reducing food surplus, joining ‘Just Italia’ in the movement to give unsold food a second chance. The dishes continue to maintain the same Italian essence in all its context. You just won’t know what you’ll taste until it arrives, isn’t that exciting?

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Pasta, burrata, vitello tonnato are the main dishes in surprise packs, so you won’t eat bad portions. Without leaving your sofa and with super-reduced prices, all you have to do is go to the Too Good To Go website, choose the country, download the app and search for ‘Just Italia’. Next, you indicate the number of surprise boxes you want and you must pick up the order at the selected location at the agreed time.

Is it possible to use the Too Good to Go app in Poland?

Poland belongs to the European Union, therefore, together with the other members, it has helped collect more than 260,000 surprise packs. The country only joined in 2019, but has also fought for the public to buy the ‘magic bag’. In addition to that, it has strengthened the union of companies with delivery apps to work hand in hand with Too Good To Go.

So for a price of 2 to 4 euros, with a free application for Android and iOS, you can eat delicious food. You just have to search the app for nearby businesses in your region within Poland. Using the app is contributing to the environment, less wasted food, less Co2e!