Too Good to Go Too Good to Go: What is it, what is it for, how does it work and what are the benefits? Too Good To Go was born as a movement against…

Too Good to Go Too Good to Go: What is it, what is it for, how does it work and what are the benefits? Too Good To Go was born as a movement against…

Too Good To Go was born as a movement against the waste of food products, positioned in several cities in Europe. The idea arose in Denmark in 2016 as an application that allows many companies, such as restaurants, supermarkets and others, to sell surplus supplies. Which is an excellent idea to avoid wasting it.

What is the purpose of being registered in Too Good to Go?

Currently we find different applications that allow many companies to join and deliver food. But also, we found a program that is dedicated to help prevent waste of provisions in the different organizations.

So, this movement will be of great help as commercial ally of many entrepreneurs and merchants. In addition, it will contribute to the preservation of the environment and avoid pollution to build a better world.

Take advantage of supplies until your last day

Most of the time restaurants, hotels, bakeries and so on, they worry about how much food is wasted. That is why, by registering with Too Good To Go, you can give other people an opportunity to take advantage of these foods.

too good to go allows you to take advantage of all the food that is destined for the garbage

Less rotten food polluting the environment

The main function of this company or movement is to avoid at all costs that food is thrown away and that this contaminates the environment. Also, being part of Too Good To Go These supplies will be sold at a much lower price through the app. In this way, it makes it easier for users to have the opportunity to save these quality foods, since, since they are not sold, they will be thrown away.

Therefore, this app will contribute to the preservation of the environment and at the same time will reduce food waste. So, with less food in the trash It will help make the world better. Besides, not only will the environment prosper, but it will also prevent losses in the different companies.

What process does the food follow from when it is offered until it reaches the customer?

In general, the supplies that are provided through the Too Good To Go app must be in very good condition. However, these arrive in Pack mode, which is like a box with different company products.

However, from the first moment the seller supplies surplus supplies, has the responsibility that it preserves a good state of composition. Since, items that are in decomposition circumstances are not allowed to be offered.

Once the seller has assembled the Package with the products he wants to sell through the application, he will proceed to offer it and wait for the purchase.

After an interested party wants to buy the package, he will make the cancellation to withdraw the order. Likewise, once the payment has been made, they can pick up the Pack from the company and thus begin to enjoy the purchased supplies.

Food must be in good condition to be sold through the app

Payment methods that can be used on Too Good to Go

Many individuals today prefer to order food through a company rather than cook. That is why today we find different people who are dedicated to fulfilling these wishes. But one in particular provide food or food supplies that are about to be thrown into the landfill.

Likewise, Too Good To Go will be in charge of offering products in a good state of composition and that will have a second chance. Now, regarding its payment methods, it has different ways to do it, such as the use of PayPal and credit card. Since, these are the most popular to cancel an order through this type of platform.

Which countries can enjoy the Too Good to Go app service?

Too Good To Go originated in Denmark and there it was put to the test with this experiment, but it managed to be successful and years later it spread throughout the world. His software currently has connected to thousands of restaurants, hotels, bakeries, supermarkets and others, all over the world.

This platform today found in 15 countries Europe such as Denmark, Spain, Holland, Germany, France, Switzerland and others. But he also managed to reach the American continent in the United States and Canada.