Too Good to Go What alternative apps to use instead of Too Good to Go? Too Good To Go is one of the applications that helps…

Too Good To Go is one of the apps that helps make the world a better place by the sale of supplies available after closing. Likewise, with this program it will be avoided to dispose of food in the landfill and that this has environmental contamination as a consequence.

There are other platforms that have the same purpose and are a great option to use. Stay in this article and learn about other alternatives that you can use to buy low cost food delivery. This platform is available in different cities in Europe and America.

How does the ‘Too Good to Go’ food waste app work?

It is one of the Software that allows so many restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and other establishments, can liquidate leftover food. Also, this is the main objective of Too Good To Go and it is Save resources so as not to waste.

Now, its operation is very simple both for stores and for those who are going to order food. As for the companies that want sbe part of Too Good To Go, these should Enter the platform and register.

Once they are integrated, they can start offering the products. It will be very important that the monetary value you have is accessible to buyers.

know how too good to go works

After the package is published, they must wait for it to be purchased and if it is successful in selling, they will proceed to deliver it to the client. However, the company will responsibility for marketing products in perfect condition and not in poor condition.

As for individuals who wish to purchase these items, they will have to download the app and register. Then they can choose the establishment that returns the list or the one that shows the map that the app has. Remember that Too Good To Go will show you the closest businesses to your location.

Later, you can decide to make the purchase by paying by PayPal or credit card and pick up the package at the corresponding time.

What other apps can I use instead of Too Good to Go?

Different people have dedicated themselves to designing an app that allows you to sell food that is left over in the different commercial establishments. So, here we will introduce you to some Delivery Software that you can use instead of Too Good To Go.

‘The hive says yes’ from farmers to the world

This is a Software that was designed with the purpose of promoting local commerce and through which different products are found. Among the items that you can get on this platform, are vegetables, bread, cheese, wine and others, which are local products. In addition, its operation is very simple and you only have to download it to your mobile to start using it.

take the hive app as an option says yes

Users who register in the app can be attached to a hive which is close to the place where it is located. After the registration is made, the order of the products will proceed. Later, you will have to wait to receive the package.

happy to eat you

If you are looking for an app that allows you to buy products at low cost, then you have to try the ‘Encantado de comerte’ app. This is a platform that allows you to buy food for less than 4 euros. That is to say, many of the shops and restaurants do not finish selling the supplies at the end of the closure and that is where they can publish it in ‘Encantado de comerte’.


It is one of those that offers baskets with products that are available after the day of the day from different shops. These leftovers that are sold They are in very good condition and at a great price. What you need to do is install the app on your phone and then start enjoying those good leftovers.

‘Olio’ to use with neighbors and local businesses

If you are a person who likes to socialize, then you can download Olio and start using it as it offers you surplus food from shops and neighbors. Through this Software, you will be able to contact businesses and acquaintances who want to share the free leftover food. This is a very ecological way to prevent these leftover supplies from being thrown in the trash.

use olio to acquire leftover products

I don’t waste

It is promoted by the NGO Prosalus with the aim of preventing leftover food from being thrown into the landfill in the different commercial premises. In addition, the products offered through the app are free and many of the users can Share them with those closest to you. What you should do is register and enter the chat to see what they are offering of leftover supplies that will be used.


This is an application that allows you to register for free and get supplies at a very affordable cost, but they are also leftover products. Likewise, through Best Before Food Tracing Will Be Achieved that they are waste and that they still have a second chance to be reused. In addition, it is available in the Google Play Store and App Store.