Trovo Live Games: What is it and what is the use of having an account on the streaming platform Today new platforms are being designed that allow…

Nowadays, new platforms are being designed that allow live transmission of video games. That is why the perfect option has arrived and it is Trovo live, which is a video game streaming website all types. Likewise, it is a new one and that until now is still in testing, but since its creation it has given its best for fans.

In addition, it allows streaming videos over the Internet, as well as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming, but this one wants to become better than those mentioned. On the other hand, having an account on the platform will allow you to both enjoy video game channels and become an influencer. Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn money by doing live broadcasts.

What function does the ‘Trovo Live’ platform have?

Trovo Live is very new on the market, because it was recently created and was originally launched as a Beta version, that is, a test to see its development. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that it used to be called Madcat, but they changed their name to Trovo Live. However, this was designed by Tencent.

knows the function that trovo has

On the other hand, since its creation is recent, they are frequently making different changes to each of its tools to make it better. Now, as for its interface, It is very similar to that of Twitch, but this one maintains a very different approach. Since, not only was it based on the website, but it also gives the possibility of being used from mobile devices.

Because at the beginning you will see a list of channels that are highlighted, the number of viewers that it has at that moment is shown. Besides, it shows the name of the game that is being displayed and a little further down you will be able to see a series of channel recommendations.

It also recommends different Games that are popular within the site and that you surely want to know. Also, among the most prominent you can see games like Free Fire, Counter-Strike, Minecraft, PUBG MOBILE, Grand Theft Auto V and others. Also, you will find more that do not belong to Tencent and that are owned by other companies.

In short, Trove has the function of letting Gamers fans to do their live broadcasts of the most popular video games. At the same time, generate even more expectations about its great functionality and how easy it is to use, as there are no complications.

In addition, it gives the opportunity to monetize the channels through a reward system for participants who dare to broadcast.

what are the partners in trovo

What are Trovo Live ‘Partners’ and how do they work?

The creators of Trovo Live have thought of everything and this means that they have designed a partner project. This program tries to let viewers subscribe to any streamer you want from the platform. However, this subscription will have a set amount that varies depending on which one you choose.

On the other hand, Trovo offers sign-up badges that are upgradable and various features that can be customized to make you stand out in chat. As for content creators, it gives you the opportunity to become an official partner of the platform and thus be able to charge these subscriptions.

The spectators

They will play a very important role for the development of Trovo Live, since, with their participation, live broadcasting will become possible. In addition, it will be a more interactive way both for those who is showing the game like the one who is watching the live. However, this will be achieved through the chat where they will talk about all the doubts they have regarding the video game during the broadcast.

trovo live can be used in Spanish

Streaming Partner

As for the streamer associates, who are content creators, they have the opportunity to be part of this project. But it is also a source of income that will help you live more comfortably by performing in real time.

In addition, this will be achieved thanks to the subscriptions that are made They will serve as a reward. However, in order to earn money on Trovo, they have to meet certain requirements, such as the number of hours viewed on their broadcast.

Can Trovo Live be used in Spanish?

When the name of the website is entered in the search engine and it appears, its link and description appear in English. Although, when accessing the main page of Trovo, its language updates according to device location. Which means that if it can be used in Spanish, you can check this by entering its official website.