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many times we want increase the signal of a Wi-Fi network and an excellent option for this is found in the settings of your TP-Link brand router. It can work as a homemade repeater, you just have to apply some instructions.

What are the steps to configure a TP-Link router?

It is important to mention that these routers can be configured in different ways, both its IP address as your passworda. It also has options that can be found in its technical section, which is why we will explain each of the existing methods step by step below.

with a cell phone

To make settings for your TP-Link router From your mobile phone, you must first do a simple procedure, which is as follows:

We need to grab the router and give it a reboot. To do this we must locate a small button, which says ‘Reset’, and keep it pressed for about 15 seconds. Once this step is done, we will notice that all the lights of the router turned on at the same time, that means that the reboot was successful.

router on a white background

The next step is to connect through the cell phone, we search for the network and select. For this we will need the password, we can find it at the bottom of the router, In the label. To identify which one it is, you just have to look where it says ‘Wireless Password/PIN:12345678’, there you will see a combination of numbers.

Now you must open the browser of your choice and enter the following IP address with it we will enter the interface to configure routingr. Then you must enter the username and password, these can be found in the equipment label, but generally it is ‘user: admin’ and ‘password: admin’.

Go to the ‘Wireless’ option, there you can modify the name to your liking. Then go to the ‘Wireless Security’ option, and you are located in the option that says ‘PSK Password’, there you can change the default password. Finally go to the small box that says ‘Save’, and ready you would have your router configured with a new name and password.

as repeater

If we want to use the TP-Link router as a repeater, we must do the following: Go to the Windows toolbar, and locate the option that says ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’. To do this you must click on the icon with white barsthis is in the bottom right.

tp link options main interface

Once there, we select the option that says ‘Connections’ you must click next to it. If you wish, you can take the opportunity to change the name and password of your router.

Continuing with the tutorial, it is recommended to select where it says ‘Details’ there we will look for the following ‘Default Gateway’. This is the connection that we want to repeat, it is important to identify this, since this IP address cannot be the same as that of the TP-Link repeater.

Having this clear, we must go to the browser and write the Repeater default IP, Then we enter the username and password. Default is ‘admin’ and ‘admin’ in cases is the same answer. To finish configuring our repeater we must go where it says ‘Wireless Settings’, there we will activate the option called ‘Enable WDS Bridging’.

Later select where it says ‘Survey’ When we do this, a panel will be displayed with the networks detected by the repeater. We must choose ours, but first we must look at the number of the channel we are on. Then click on ‘Connect’. Now verify that the option that says ‘Channel’ matches the same number on your network.

Having done all these steps, the only thing missing is enter our password. To do this, go to the section that says ‘Password’ write one, and then click on ‘Save’. This saves the changes made. If you think it is necessary, you can put your router in bridge mode.

wired repeater

To carry out this process we must connect a network cable to our PC and have it connect to one of the router’s outputs. Once this is done, you must go to your browser, and enter the default IP address of the router, then enter the username and password admin / admin.

Then you must go to the ‘Wireless’ section and activate the option that says ‘Enable WDS Bridging’ doing this will display new options. We must go to the one that says ‘Survey’ this will take us to a box with all the detected networks, we choose ours and click on ‘Connect’.

four antenna black router

Finally, you must go to where it says ‘Password’ to change entering an access password, finally click on the option that says ‘Save’, to save the settings made.

bridge mode

In this procedure we need to connect a network cable from the TP-Link router to our PC. Then we must enter the router settings, to do this enter the router IP in the address bar of your browser, then enter the data ‘user: admin’ and ‘password: admin’.

Already being inside, you must go to the ‘LAN’ option and we will change the ‘IP Address’ we will place for example this is done so that the IP is not the same as the main one. Enter ‘Wireless’ go and activate the option ‘Enable WDS Bridging’ then click on ‘Survey’ choose your network, and click on ‘Connet’ finally go to the ‘Password’ section, there you must enter your new access password , save and done.

To make this configuration we must enter the TP-Link options menu, once there you must go to the option that says ‘LAN’ you will notice that there is a box where is an IP addresswhich by default is the following

Following this, we must change a digit in this address, for example, and click on ‘Save’. Then to enter the configuration menu we must enter this new IP. See what the router is for and its IP