Twitter How to find and follow a person on Twitter? – Mobile and PC Twitter is a famous social network that allows you to establish communication…

Twitter is a famous social network that allows establish communication between users. In this regard, it is necessary to use an account and set privacy to protect it. In fact, it is important that you know how to find and follow a person on Twitter from the application for mobile and PC.

How to find a person’s Twitter account by their phone number?

It is possible to find a person’s Twitter account by their phone number. To do this, you will need to open the app from your mobile device. Later, log in with your account and click on the three horizontal lines that are in the upper left. There, you will find the menu that contains the ‘Settings and privacy’.

Go to the ‘Privacy and security’ section. Then, look for the option ‘Visibility and contacts’. There, you will see a list of users who can find your account, unless you prefer to prevent your friends from finding you on Twitter. Tap on ‘Contacts’ and select ‘Sync contacts with address book’.

Thus, you will find the accounts associated with the phone numbers that you have saved in your address book. you can too do a specialized search from your PC or mobile by clicking on the magnifying glass icon located at the bottom of the application. Type in the phone number you want to search for and press the ‘Search’ button or the magnifying glass.

Steps to follow a Twitter account

To follow a Twitter account you must follow a series of simple steps. You can do this from a Tweet or from an account’s profile page. either way, the twitter app on the web and on mobile devices it allows you to search and follow other people who use this social network.

From a Tweet

It is possible to follow a Twitter account from a Tweet. To achieve this, log in with your account from the web application or the App on your mobile device. Then access the dropdown menu to tap on a specific Tweet that you want to follow. Click the ‘Follow’ button located next to the account name. Open the account profile and click ‘Follow’.

On an account’s profile page

You can find and follow a person on Twitter on an account’s profile page. To do this, go to Twitter and log in. Despues de, open the account profile page you want to follow and press the ‘Follow’ button. If the account you want to follow has protected Tweets, you must wait for the request to be approved.

Using a QR code

On Twitter, a QR code is a desktop-readable code that stores URL addresses. When the user scans a QR code on Twitter they can quickly find anyone and follow it if you wish. The procedure for tracking is very simple.

Yes, it is possible find and follow a person on Twitter using a QR code. To achieve this, open your Twitter account from your PC or mobile device. Then, locate the top menu and click on the ‘QR Code’ icon that you will find at the bottom right of the screen. Now, press the ‘QR Scanner’ icon

find and follow a person on twitter

despues de scan the QR code press the ‘Follow’ icon that you will see in a message that pops up from the user’s account profile. Remember that Twitter allows you to share QR codes. Your own QR code is located in your profile. Click on ‘QR Code’ and on the ‘Share’ icon. Finally, press ‘Tweet photo’. ‘Share via’ or ‘Save photo’.

Why hasn’t the Twitter account owner accepted my follow request?

You may notice that the owner of the Twitter account has not accepted your follow request. This can happen when the owner does not have the option to accept followers when posting public tweets. Therefore, pending requests are automatically rejected.

Also, it may happen that the account is private, the owner does not want to accept the follow request or prefers to block someone on this social network. In such a case, they will receive a pending approval notification but will either ignore this message or reject your request. Given this, you can choose to cancel the tracking request after you have felt it.