What is a hammer drill and how to choose it?

The hammer drill It is a tool that has been designed to make holes in hard surfaces. This tool pierces through concrete walls through its percussive motion, leaving the perfect space to install the dowels.

Hammer drills are characterized by their great versatility because they can make small holes in walls or in harder and more solid materials. This tool not only drills like other drills but has hammering potential.

hammer drill

What is a hammer drill?

This is a tool that can be used professionally and domestically, it can be electric or battery powered. The hammer drills They are also known as rotary hammer or percussive hammer, because they perform functions similar to those of this instrument.

These tools have a bit that not only rotates on itself until it opens a hole, but also moves back and forth. To break up to a certain point and be able to continue advancing. The way of applying the percussion can be electrical, pneumatic or combined.

This type of drill can be used in pieces of great hardness, such as concrete, for which it is necessary to have a percussive tool to be able to drill them. But in case the drill bit only needs to rotate on its own, it will be able to perform the same functions as any drill.

To use the hammer drills like any other drill it is only necessary to select the percussion function.

How to choose a hammer drill?

To choose a hammer drill, the following aspects must be taken into account:

type of food

There are battery drills, they are cordless and you can work with them without having a power outlet nearby. Electric drills are powered by a cable connected to the electrical network to work with this type of drill you need a power outlet nearby.

Type of job

This drill is indicated for drilling on hard surfaces such as cement or concrete.


The power indicates the force that the drill has, the higher the power, the greater the force and the greater the work capacity. The power in battery drills is measured in volts (V) and in electric drills it is measured in watts (W).

Engine power

The power of the engine is another important aspect and must be decided according to the type of work to be done. For DIY tasks, a battery-powered hammer drill with a motor with a power between 12 and 18V is sufficient.

Higher voltage motors improve drill action, overall speed and prevent motor burnout.

Speed ​​control

This is another important aspect in the different models of hammer drills, because different types of control can be found. This will depend on the characteristics and quality of the drill.

ergonomics and comfort

When choosing a tool it is important to take into account the grip, size or weight. This in order to avoid discomfort in the joints due to the use of the tool.

The ergonomic design and comfort of the drill are essential when choosing, to avoid stress on hands, arms and other parts of the body.