What is a vertical monitor?

What is a vertical monitor?

very few people know what is a vertical monitor. It’s logical. We are used to the horizontal monitor. It is something automatic. We do not pay attention to other alternatives, even if they come with valuable benefits.

If you’re a programmer, content writer, avid reader or streamer, a vertical monitor will do a lot for you. In fact, if you work in an office, a portrait orientation monitor will increase your focus and productivity.

We believe that people who are unaware of the existence of vertical monitors are missing out on one of the wonders of technology and that is why we decided to write this post.

stay and meet the history of vertical monitorswhat they are, how they work and who benefits from them.

What is a vertical monitor?

Monitor technology has evolved over time. First they were heavy and wide. The poor resolution and what to say about the speed: it took too long to process the tasks.

Then, breaking into the market in a masterful way, flat-panel monitors arrived. A major upgrade to traditional monitors: light, sleek, fast and ergonomic.

what is a vertical monitor

However, responding to human nature, flat or horizontal monitors eventually became fair. They left something to be desired. People noted that the standard dimensions, from 4:3 to 16:1, limited eye scrolling and consumed valuable time as you scroll down to find more text.

In the community of gamers, streamers and professionals, such as lawyers and medical specialists, there was a consensus that the measurements of horizontal monitors did not adapt to reality: they were narrow, showed little information and tired the eyes.

It is at this time that vertical monitors appear. The ultimate tool. The greatest among the great. And, interestingly, as simple as a landscape monitor that flips and configure so that the content appears vertically.

Vertical monitors fixed the aforementioned problems, and more. Aesthetically, they were not convincing. But, they rewarded him with technical virtues.

Set up a vertical monitor

Flipping the monitor is just one of the steps. These computers are made to work horizontally, so we must configure them. The process will depend on your operating system, so pay attention:

  • Windows. To adjust your monitor from landscape to portrait in the Windows operating system, you must right-click on the desktop background, select display settings, choose display orientation, and select portrait orientation.
  • Linux. In the Linux operating system, we have to go to the system configuration menu, choose screen, then rotate and select right at an angle of 90.
  • Mac. Apple is a bit more sophisticated. You must simultaneously press the Cmd and Alt keys, press the screen symbol, wait for the menu to drop down, look for the rotation option and select the orientation of 90 to the right.

Who uses the vertical monitor?

Vertical monitors may not be very famous, but there are certain people and professionals who use this equipment because it helps them increase their productivity, better manage their time, have a complete perspective of the screen or simply because they like to see content vertically. These are the ones who most use and benefit from buy a vertical monitor:


The community that was most supportive of the adoption of vertical monitors was programmers. And the reasons are obvious. Considering the number of lines of code you have to write, it is not practical to write one, lower the mouse and repeat that procedure over and over again. Instead, a vertical monitor will show you the longest encoding programs, so you don’t have to scroll down every five seconds. As a result, they save time, write more lines, and finish their assignments on time.


The same premise applies to writers. If they have a longer sheet to write on, they will have a broader perspective of the sentences and words. also facilitate the correction process.


Most files, documents, books, opinion articles, news or social networks are available online. Today, without a doubt, we read more digital than physical. Thanks to the fact that the dimensions of the pages on vertical monitors are lengthened, we move our eyes better to read faster and more efficiently. This has its explanation. On a vertical page fewer eye movements are required, they tire less and the number of words read is multiplied.

gamers and streamers

In the gaming and streaming niche, it is normal to buy two horizontal monitors. This allows you to open multiple tabs, applications and even browsers. With a vertical monitor there is no need to spend on two monitors. It is big and wide enough for screen sharing. Streamers can set up chat and broadcast screen in one place. Players will open various screens and thus play with greater agility.

vertical monitors

designers and photographers

In the same vein as the previous uses, designers and photographers improve their performance by editing photos on a larger screen. More space means you have more perspective to edit photos, logos and other documents.


Finally, we must mention the people who are engaged in trading stocks or cryptocurrencies. Those who are related to this world are aware of the number of graphs that must be read and followed to know the status of their investments. On a horizontal monitor it is not possible to open applications simultaneously; thing that on a vertical monitor s. Allows them to react quickly to well-priced assets.