What is a web speed test?

If you want to know the true speed of your Internet, we recommend doing a website speed test. Find out how fast, or slow, your internet is with a quick and easy speed test.

What is a web speed test?

A web speed test is a test that analyzes the quality and performance of your Internet.

Measure the real speed of your network through parameters such as download and upload time.

website speed test

There are different website speed tests. Some only provide you with the upload and download speed, and others go further, revealing the jitter, latency and even the IP of your computer.

How to do a web speed test?

To measure the speed of your Internet you must use a specialized website. They are tools configured to measure the time it takes for your internet to complete certain tasks, such as uploading a file.

follow these steps to measure your internet speed:

  • Enter a speed test
  • Press ‘start test’.
  • Wait for the tool to calculate the speed of your internet.
  • Read the results.

Understanding the web speed test

There are certain data that a web speed test throws up and that we overlook due to ignorance. If you want to get a complete perspective of your Internet performance, learn these concepts:

Download speed

It is the time it takes for your Internet to download a file, document or image. This data is measured in Mbps megabit per second. The higher your Mbps, the faster files will download.

making a website speed testyou will know the time that will pass from when you press download until you can sit down to enjoy a movie or series.

Upload speed

It means the time it takes your internet to upload a file to a download server, platform or cloud storage.

It is measured in Mbps. The higher your Mbps, the faster documents will upload to the web.

For people who are dedicated to uploading files to the Internet, or creating content, knowing this metric is vital, since that way they will better organize their time.


Latency is the time in MSmilliseconds that an IP takes to make a connection with a local network server.

It will give you an idea of ​​how good your Internet is for loading sites, videos including streaming content on Netflix or HBO, making online video calls and playing online games.

If you’ve ever heard the term ‘I’m laggy’, it’s because the latency is too low. IP takes too long to transmit network packets.

what is an internet speed test

Tips for doing a web speed test

Many people do a speed test, but they don’t get the most out of the information. Here are some tips for doing a prolific internet test.

  • choose a good test. The Internet is overcrowded with web speed tests. Either is an option, but if you want a complete perspective of your internet performance, do a test that covers all the mentioned information: upload speed, download speed, latency, address and even IP. The best web speed tests allow you to configure the test based on your location and Internet provider.
  • Close all tabs and applications. If you do a speed test using the internet, it is normal for the result to be altered. Take the test only with the test tab open. In this way you will know the true speed of your Internet.
  • Compare the result. Do not stay with the result. Contrast it with data from your local area. For example, investigate what is the average Internet speed of Movistar or Orange in Madrid. This way you will know if you are within range or there are service failures.

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