WhatsApp will soon stop working on these iPhones

WhatsApp will soon stop working on these iPhones

It’s official. WhatsApp has confirmed that by the end of the year, the instant messaging application will stop working on those iPhones that are still running versions of iOS 10 and iOS 11.

As you know, the current version that runs on the most modern iPhones corresponds to iOS 15far from those mentioned above, an edition that arrived in 2021 along with the launch of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.

With the presentation of the new iPhone 14 scheduled for autumn 2022, Apple will release the version of iOS 16, which causes some previous versions of iOS to be discontinued and unsupported by Apple.

Which iPhones will stop working with WhatsApp?

As we anticipated, the phones that currently run the versions of iOS 10 and iOS 11 would no longer have support for WhatsApp. The version of iOS 11 was presented in June 2017 during the WWDC, to be officially released in September of the same year.

Almost 5 years have passed and from WhatsApp they end the support of their program for these versions, which would leave mobile phones out like the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c, phones that hit the market in September 2013.

wabetainfo has been one of the first sites to report on the circumstance, something that has subsequently been corroborated by WhatsApp itself through its Web pagewhere they recommend using Android with OS 4.1, or iPhones with iOS 12 or later.

Both the iPhone 5 and 5c do not currently offer the possibility of updating their operating system to iOS 12, since Apple set the limit here to guarantee a good user experience, on mobile phones that have been on the market for 9 years.

In this way, if you still have one of these phones, the recommendation is that you upgrade to a higher model before the end of the year if the WhatsApp application is essential for you. Check out our definitive guide on which iPhone should you buy today.

When the arrival of iOS 16Something similar will happen with mobile phones that are left out of Apple’s update program for 2023, in which the prestigious iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models could be affected.

There are many users who still remain anchored to this generation of phones that will soon be discontinuedeither because of its compact and manageable size, because of its design, as well as because it still includes mini-jack connectors with Touch ID management.

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