Where to buy the iPhone SE of 2022?

After two years of waiting, Apple finally updated its cheap iPhone and introduced the third generation iPhone SE. At first glance, it does not differ much from the previous model, but it has interesting new features.

Among the most outstanding, we have the latest Apple mobile chip, the A15 Bionic, which debuted with the iPhone 13 series and that we find again in the iPhone SE 3. In addition, for the first time it is compatible with 5G connectivity.

You can read all the news in our article dedicated to the iPhone SE (2022). If you are already convinced that it is the mobile you need, then we will explain when and where you can buy it.

When will the new iPhone SE (2022) go on sale?

Like the new iPhone 13 in green, Apple announced at its spring event that the new iPhone SE would officially go on sale on March 18th in Spain and other markets (unluckily, it does not include Latin America). So it was.

If you don’t want to keep even one, you can now buy it in physical stores and on-line from Apple.

For now, the launch date (or reservations) in Mexico and the rest of the Latin American markets has not been made official.

How much will the iPhone SE (2022) cost?

Having the A15 Bionic chip and 5G connectivity comes at a price. Although Apple has decided to keep the same design as the previous model, the company has raised the price a bit, although it is still good value for money.

This is the price of the new iPhone SE:

  • iPhone SE (64 GB): €529 / MXN$11,499 (before: €489 / MXN$10,999)
  • iPhone SE (128 GB): €579 / MXN$12,999 (before: €539 / MXN$11,999)
  • iPhone SE (256 GB): €699 / MXN$15,999 (before: €659 / MXN$14,499)

Buy iPhone SE 2022

Where to buy the new iPhone SE (2022)?

As you can imagine, the new iPhone SE can be purchased at Apple stores, both physical and at the Apple Store on-linebut it is not the only site.

These are the stores in Spain where they already sell the iPhone SE of 2022:

You should also be able to buy it through a contract in the main mobile operators in Spain:

As we have said before, there is no official date for the arrival of the third generation iPhone SE in Mexico, but when it arrives, you should find it in these stores and operators: