Which iPhone should you buy this 2022?

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones that you can currently buy on the market, but not all models will be the ideal phone for you. In this article we analyze the value for money of all of them to determine which is the best.

Going for one or the other will depend on many factors, including what features you need and what money you are willing to spend. Models from a few years ago will suffice for many, but you may be more interested in having state-of-the-art specifications.

With the arrival of the iPhone 13 in September 2021 and the new iPhone SE in March 2022, these are currently the models available in the Apple Store:

  • iPhone SE with 4.7-inch screen
  • iPhone 11 with 6.1-inch screen
  • iPhone 12 mini with 5.4-inch screen
  • iPhone 12 with 6.1-inch screen
  • iPhone 13 mini with 5.4-inch screen
  • iPhone 13 mini with 6.1-inch screen
  • iPhone 13 Pro with 6.1-inch screen
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max with 6.7-inch screen

Ranking: What is the best iPhone of 2022?

In preparing this article, we have not yet taken into account the new iPhone SE of 2022, as we have not been able to test it yet. However, it will probably end up in a better position than the 2020 iPhone SE that we have included (and that you can buy outside the Apple Store).


iPhone 13 Pro – Best iPhone

iPhone 13 Pro

  • pros
    • Display ProMotion 120Hz
    • triple rear camera
    • Stainless steel and glass design
  • cons

Now that Apple no longer sells the Pro models of the iPhone 12 generation, you don’t have to consider whether to buy the previous model or the latest generation.

If you want a Pro model and its “Pro” features, you’ll have to opt for the 13 Pro (or 13 Pro Max), although you can also buy the 12 Pro at a store other than the Apple Store.

In addition to a notch 20% smaller than the previous model, iPhone 13 Pro has a better camera with improved optical zoom, Cinema Mode, Photo Styles, and the A15 chip.

The battery has also been greatly improved. Apple promises 22 hours of video playback, while the 12 Pro offered just 17.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max – The iPhone with the best battery

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

  • pros
    • The longest lasting battery
    • Nice 6.7″ 120Hz display
    • amazing camera
  • cons
    • Very expensive
    • big and robust

What we said about the iPhone 13 Pro also applies here, with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. In 2021, unlike the previous year, the two Pro models have the same features.

That means that the big difference between the two models is the size. If you want a large iPhone with a 6.7″ screen, then this is your only option (Apple no longer sells the 12 Pro Max).

This is not its only advantage, as the Max also has a longer battery life. It is the iPhone that offers the most battery with 28 hours of video playback (and not 20 like the 12 Pro Max).

Now, the 13 Pro Max weighs a lot and while some will like that it has such a large screen, for others it will be an inconvenience and that is why we have not positioned it higher.

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iPhone 13 – The best iPhone for most

iPhone 13

  • pros
    • nice design
    • good battery
    • impressive performance
  • cons
    • 60hz display
    • without telephoto

The iPhone 13 has the same features as the iPhone 13 mini, but is slightly more expensive. The difference is in screen size and battery life.

Perhaps you are hesitating between 13 or 12, which Apple continues to sell in its store. In our opinion, the novelties of the iPhone 13 justify having to pay a little more.

Have a notch smaller, improved 5G, the most powerful A15 chip and a battery that lasts two more hours, 19 hours in total of video playback.

In addition, and although it may seem otherwise, the cameras have improved significantly, such as the incorporation of optical image stabilization by sensor displacement, Cinema Mode or Photographic Styles.

Apple has also improved the storage offered. The smallest version comes with 128 GB of memory, which is not bad at all.

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iPhone 13 mini – The best iPhone if you want it small

Apple iPhone 13mini

  • pros
    • Perfect screen experience
    • Without sacrificing performance
    • great cameras
  • cons
    • 60hz display
    • small battery
    • MagSafe lazy charge

With the iPhone 13 mini, Apple has tried to fix the bugs of the past year. That’s right: a battery that lasts two hours longer than before with a total of 17 hours of video playback.

Time will tell if people like the 13 mini better than the 12 mini (it seems to have been less popular than expected). But there will always be people who prefer a smaller mobile and the 13 mini is your best option.

In addition, there are features that make it more attractive than the 12 mini: notch smaller, the new A15 chip, improved 5G and the new Cinema Mode with 1080p video at 30 fps.

We also applaud that the entry model has double the storage capacity, since now the minimum space you will have is 128 GB.

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iPhone 12 – The best iPhone if you don’t mind that it’s from last year

iPhone 12

  • pros
    • super performance
    • Super Retina XDR OLED display
    • More affordable than before
  • cons
    • without telephoto
    • Does not record Dolby Vision HDR 4K video at 60fps
    • patchy battery

The iPhone 12 was our recommendation for most people last year. Obviously, this has changed with the launch of the iPhone 13, but it is still a mobile that we recommend.

The differences between the 12 and the 13 are not so many, although it stands out that the 13 has a better battery, better cameras (although it may not seem like it) and a better processor.

Even so, the iPhone 12 is still a mobile with very good specifications and, now that Apple offers it at a lower price, it is even more attractive.

You will have a high resolution OLED screen and excellent cameras as they can capture color and detail incredibly. Its 5G compatibility and amazing performance means it will last you for years to come.

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iPhone 12 mini – A cheaper iPhone with a small screen

iPhone 12mini

  • pros
    • portable size
    • excellent screen
    • relatively affordable
  • cons
    • 12W limit with MagSafe
    • mediocre battery

As with the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 mini is still a good purchase option.

We have put the 12 higher because it has a larger screen (6.1″ not 5.4″) and most people are now looking for such a panel for their smartphones.

However, our experience with the 12 mini was good, screen included. Think back in the day, when the iPhone 6 Plus came out, we thought this screen was big. Also, it is easier to transport.

Beyond the screen, the 12 mini performs very well and has excellent features and specifications. It also has great cameras, a good operating system, and a processor that won’t let you down. Plus, it’s now cheaper than ever.

More information: Review iPhone 12 mini


iPhone 11 – Good performance

iPhone 11

  • pros
    • Price
    • Good performance
    • Technology similar to the iPhone 12
  • cons
    • No OLED screen
    • Improvable battery
    • outdated design

Before the arrival of the 12 series, the iPhone 11 it was our favorite iPhone thanks to its excellent value for money. It’s still a very good phone, with a big screen and a more affordable price than ever.

Unlike the 11 Pro models, the iPhone 11 it has an LCD screen (and not OLED) and also has two rear lenses (instead of three). Now, perhaps what you are most interested in knowing is how it differs from the iPhone XR.

As usual, it has a higher processor (the A13 chip instead of the A2 chip). Additionally, iPhone 11 features improved battery life, more water resistance than the XR, and new case colors. With the arrival of the iPhone 12, it is no longer Apple’s best “cheap” mobile.

The most notable are the improvements in the cameras compared to the previous model. We have two rear lenses and a 12 MP front camera, it introduced Night Mode and a better Smart HDR and the possibility of recording 4K videos.

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iPhone SE (2020) – The iPhone with the best value for money

Apple iPhone SE (2020)

  • pros
    • A13 Bionic chipset
    • good camera performance
    • Touch ID
  • cons
    • old fashioned design
    • Low battery
    • 720p LCD screen

After having tested the new iPhone SE, we have had no choice but to place it among the top positions on this list, as it offers great value for money. Its low cost obviously means it won’t have the latest specs, but you’d be surprised what it does have.

We start, for example, with its processor. The new SE comes with the A13 Bionic chip, the same one that we already saw in the iPhone 11 and that Apple claims is the “fastest processor ever seen in a smartphone“. Without a doubt, it is the fastest in the history of the iPhone.

You may also be interested in knowing what their cameras are like. On paper, they have nothing to do with the iPhone 11 or the iPhones 11 Pro, but they do show that the software can do wonders. In general terms they are decent, although Portrait Mode and low light photos are not up to par.

The other big drawback of the new iPhone SE is its design, which looks very old-fashioned. It will be ideal for those who do not want to lose the Home button, but the bezels are very thick considering the trend in the sector in recent years.

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