Which Macs and MacBooks are compatible with macOS Ventura?

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference also serves to introduce some of the most interesting new features that will come to one of its star operating systems: macOS. Against all odds, at this year’s WWDC, the company announced that it will be called macOS Ventura.

macOS Ventura, named after Ventura County, California, will introduce new features to improve productivity and collaboration for its users. The Visual Organizer will allow us to work on several projects at the same time, while sharing Safari tabs with others more easily.

In addition to a new Continuity Camera, which lets you use iPhone’s rear camera as a webcam with two different views, Apple also introduced improvements to Spotlight, Live Text, Visual Finder, Mail and Messages. There are also new features that improve privacy.

Why does all this sound so tempting? Don’t get too excited, because you won’t be able to enjoy any of it without a Mac or MacBook that’s compatible with macOS Ventura. If not, it may be time to change it.

Is your Mac or MacBook compatible with macOS Ventura?

These are all the models of MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, Mac Pro, iMac, iMac Pro and Mac Studio that will be able to install macOS Ventura when it arrives next fall:

  • MacBook models from 2017
  • MacBook Air models from 2018 or later
  • MacBook Pro models from 2017 or later
  • Mac mini models from 2018 or later
  • 2019 Mac Pro models
  • iMac models from 2017 or later
  • iMac Pro (all models)
  • Mac Studio (all models)

Models that are no longer supported by the latest macOS update

Perhaps you thought that it was not going to be like that, but some models that were compatible with macOS Monterey when Apple presented it in 2021 will no longer be compatible once macOS 13 arrives:

  • MacBook models from 2016
  • MacBook Air models from 2015 to 2017
  • MacBook Pro models from 2015 to 2016
  • 2014 Mac mini models
  • Mac Pro models from 2013
  • iMac models from 2015

All these models are added to the long list of obsolete models that have not received the latest updates for a long time. software:

  • MacBook models from 2009 to 2015
  • MacBook Air models from 2009 or 2014
  • MacBook Pro models from 2008 or 2014
  • Mac mini models from 2009 to 2012
  • Mac Pro models from 2009 to 2012
  • iMac models from 2009 to 2014