Will Apple launch an iPhone subscription service?

In an article from Bloomberg On March 24, Mark Gurman made a prediction that surprised the entire industry: Apple would be preparing its first subscription service for iPhone. In short, your first car rental service hardware.

The renowned journalist, who usually has good sources, assures that people familiar with this project, still in development, have told him so. If true, it would be one of the company’s biggest strategic shifts to date.

As always when a new rumor comes to light, many doubts are also born about it.

What would the iPhone subscription service consist of?

For now, we do not know many details about this project that Apple could be working on. However, we do know that the subscription service for hardware It would have a similar operation to that of any subscription service.

Thus, those who wanted to use an iPhone could subscribe to this service in exchange for a monthly fee and thus use it for the duration of the subscription. You could use the same Apple ID for this service that you use for the App Store or iCloud.

At this point, many questions come to mind about how it could work. What happens if the iPhone breaks or damages? Who will be responsible in case of loss? Will this program allow to create less electronic waste or the opposite?

How much would the new service cost? When will it be released?

Regarding the price, Bloomberg advances that the monthly price would not be equivalent to the corresponding part when dividing the total price of the iPhone into 12 monthly payments.

We should know more about the new service in late 2022 or 2023, when it is expected to be officially announced. However, the project could be canceled entirely.

iPhone Subscription Service

What other Apple products could you rent?

For now, Mark Gurman has only specified the iPhone as the star product of this possible rental service. hardware from Apple. However, we can assume that it could also be available for iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple Watch.

Pad in the City, the existing rental service in Spain

Until Apple announces the new rental service, if it ever does, we have to settle for the service that other companies already offer in Spain. This is the case of Pad in the City.

On their website, it is possible to rent an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. However, the service seems more oriented towards companies and event organizers, as well as television production companies. They can rent them for days, weeks or months.