Windows 10 How to access the hidden menu in Windows 10 settings? Windows 10 is an operating system that brings back features…

Windows 10 is an operating system that brings back deprecated features in windows 8 and that they missed each other very much. It incorporates new options that can be very interesting for users, but some you won’t find at first glance.

How can I make the hidden menu appear in settings?

This can be news that attracts a lot of attention and can generate great expectation to know what functions we can carry out with this menu. But first it is necessary to show up in Windows 10 settings. And for this to happen, we just have to follow the steps that we indicate below and that will only take a few minutes.

Finding the ‘registry editor’ on my PC and running it as administrator

To begin we must go to the Windows icon that is in the bottom corner left and we’re going to click on it. This to be able to enter the Windows 10 start menu, which can sometimes have problems and can be easily repaired.

trick to access hidden windows options

This action will show the options menu and the search box, in which we must write the following command ‘regedit’ without quotes. Press the Enter key and in the ‘regedit’ option we right click and select the option ‘Execute as an administrator’.

Opening the control panel folder in the option ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’

This action will show us on the screen the ‘Windows Registry Editor’ window in which we will find several folders. In our case we will select the following ‘ HKEY_CURRENT_USER’ and click on the arrow icon. This action will generate new folders and it only remains to open the ‘Control Panel’ folder.

Adding a new DWORD value and renaming it ‘EnableSamplesPage’

When we are inside the folder, we must resort to the ‘Edit’ tab and this to add a new DWORD value. Once you select this option, a menu will be displayed and from it you must choose the ‘New’ option and then select ‘DWORD (32-bit) value’.

Or ‘DWORD (64-bit) Value’ as the case may be with your personal computer and then we will change its name. We rename it as ‘ EnableSamplesPage ‘ and then go to the last step that allows us to see the hidden menu in the Windows 10 settings.

laptop review menu

Change the created value information from 0 to 1

The last thing we are going to do is open this new key and for this we will position ourselves with the cursor in ‘EnableSamplesPage’. Then we’re going to right-click and select ‘Edit’ to bring up its dialog. Now we’re headed to section Value information which shows the value ‘0’ and we change it to the value ‘1’.

What functions does the hidden Windows menu have?

Once you make the changes in the registry editor, you will close the window and enter the ‘Settings’ menu again. There you will find a new option that was not previously in this section and it is ‘Samples’. Which shows an icon in the shape of a heart or box depending on your version. Next we will tell you What functions does it allow us to activate?.

Font, Language, and Application Settings

Among the different settings or options that we can configure from the hidden menu ‘Samples’ of Windows 10 are font settings. Where we can change the font, size and color, both applications and other elements. Activation of progress bars, text boxes, bookmarks, notifications, languages, among others.

configure windows menu

Autoplay settings

Another adjustment that we can execute with this new menu is related to auto play of the different media used by the system. Or of those devices that are connected to your PC by existing ones. These are the new features that Windows 10 has included for the benefit of all its users.

As we have seen, the Windows 10 operating system continues to surprise us and shows us that it still has very interesting surprises. And in this article we learned the steps we must follow to be able to access the hidden menu in system settings. In a very simple way and without complicating our lives, just like we did to adjust the brightness of the screen in Windows 10.