Windows 10 How to disable my camera in all applications in Windows 10? It is useful to have a webcam on our personal computer,…

It is useful to have a webcam on our personal computer, but it is also true that there is the possibility that we may be spied on through this tool. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to know how to activate and deactivate this device when necessary. If you don’t know how to do it, then we will explain how to disable your camera in all apps in windows 10.

What options exist in Windows 10 to disable the Webcam?

Windows 10, being a new operating system, has many functions that you may not know about, which allows you to efficiently manage its tools. One of them is the webcam, although we have two options with which we can disable it. So let’s see how we can disable camera in all apps of Windows 10.

From ‘Privacy’ disable access to the camera

The first thing we are going to do is go to the Windows icon, which is located in the lower left corner. We click and this action shows a menu of options, in our case we will select the ‘Settings’ option. We will be taken to his window and in it we will look we will choose the ‘Privacy’ option to be brought to your window.

disable camera in windows 10

Here we will find all the options that manage the privacy of our device and we will locate ourselves in the left panel. There we must search and select the option ‘Camera’ this action will display on the right side of the menu screen.

Now we will look for the option ‘ Allow apps to use the camera ‘ and we’ll slide the switch. This will change to gray indicating its deactivation.

Disable camera in device manager

Another option that we can use to disable the camera in all Windows 10 applications is through the device administrator. To access it we can do it from the keyboard shortcuts and press the Windows + X keys. This action displays a menu on the screen and in it you must select the ‘Device Manager’ option.

Once in this window, we can see the controllers, which we will select from our Webcam. Let’s click on the icon in the form of an arrow to see the controller and then we’re going to right-click on it. In this way a menu will appear which we will choose the ‘Disable’ option.

How can I physically lock the camera for convenience?

If after you have disabled the camera so that it cannot be used by applications installed on your PC. You can opt for other alternatives that allow you to be a little calmer and in this case physically block the webcam. Below we will offer you some options that you can apply and they are the following:

Use a webcam with cover

If you use a personal computer that does not have a built-in webcam, you have an ideal option in these cases. It is nothing other than buy a webcam with coverThere is a wide variety on the market. In this way you can be sure that no application uses the camera without your consent and without the risk of being spied on.

how to enable a webcam

Add a Sticker

In case you are using a laptop, which has a built-in webcam, the best option you can opt for is to block the camera. Is that use a sticker or any other type of sticker, which you can add or remove at any time. This way you will be able to use your personal computer without risk and with the security that your privacy will not be violated.

Use a USB camera

Another possible ideal option to deactivate the camera when you want and it is not controlled by an application, is using a USB camera. The practical thing about these webcams is that you are only going to connect it when necessary and then simply disconnect it and put it away. It is perfect for these cases, when you can feel that these people are being watched through this tool.

And so ends this article that I explain in a very simple way how to disable your camera in all apps in windows 10. Thus avoiding attacks on your privacy. And you learned to do it without major setbacks and as easy as activating the video camera in Microsoft Teams.