Windows 10 Why does my Windows 10 PC get stuck on restart and how to fix it? Windows 10 can present problems during its execution. In fact, there is…

Windows 10 Why does my Windows 10 PC get stuck on restart and how to fix it? Windows 10 can present problems during its execution. In fact, there is…

Windows 10 can present problems during its execution. In fact, there are several causes that generate complications. However, we can apply various actions to fix failures. For this reason, this tutorial presents methods with which you can correct reboot sequence on your computer through several alternatives.

How to fix my PC if it gets stuck when restarting it?

If your computer freezes when you start it, a forced system shutdown is performed. In this circumstance, it is possible to repair Windows startup with a default tool. Other solution consists of restarting the PC after disconnecting the external physical components.

Force shutdown Windows 10 system

An effective way to solve the system stall is force shutdown. This method is the most basic and fastest with which you can remedy the fault. You just have to turn off your PC by pressing the power button for a few seconds. Then check if the issue has been resolved. If not, check the next step.

Restart PC with peripherals disconnected

Conflicts often arise between the devices that we connect to a computer. This problem occurs when the drivers are not supported or are outdated. To rule out this cause, disconnect USB drives that you are using on your computer, external hard drive or any other peripheral.

Afterwards, restart your computer and if it works normally, reconnect the components you were using. Make sure to update the drivers of all your devices in order to fix your PC restarting. To make it, access the control panel, click ‘System’ and ‘System and Security’. Click on ‘Device Manager’.

Reasons for Windows 10 stuck on restart and their solution

This section will show you the complete list of components that have been installed. Right-click each entry that indicates a yellow warning and select ‘Update’. Also, you can remove drivers causing problems if they are incompatible.

Run auto reboot repair

An effective alternative in the resolution of boot problems in windows is the use of a system default tool. First, you will need to type ‘Control Panel’ (without quotes) in the search bar and press the ‘Open’ button. Next, press the view option for ‘Large icons’ and locate the ‘security and maintenance’ section.

Next, click on the ‘Maintenance’ section and press the ‘Configure maintenance’ link. Specifies the time at which the role will be assigned. Apply the changes using the ‘OK’ button. Click ‘Start Maintenance’ to start the system diagnosticssecurity detections and program updates.

Reboot the computer in safe mode from the windows settings. There, click on ‘Update and security’ and ‘Advanced startup’. Choose ‘Restart Now’. In the new interface, press ‘Troubleshoot’ and ‘Advanced options’. Right away, you’ll be able to open boot recovery. Finally, press ‘Restart’.

How to prevent my Windows 10 PC from getting stuck again?

One of the best ways to ensure operating system performance is to keep all drivers up to date. You can use a third party application that carries out this process automatically. Likewise, it is possible to work with certain tools with which you will be able to delete temporary files and detect malicious software.

why pc windows 10 gets stuck on restart and how to fix it

Running ‘CCleaner and Malwarebytes’

CCleaner is a very complete cleaner. Serves forfix bugs in system logs and removes junk from the hard drive. It even allows you to update the drivers through the professional version.

For its part, Malware bytes is responsible for analyzing the hard drive and most relevant system folders in order to detect the presence of malicious programs or contaminated files. These run on the PC altering the normal functioning of the applications and the speed of the computer.

Avoid viruses in the system

Files with malicious code are often the main cause of a computer crashing or failing to boot up normally. To prevent this inconvenience, download an antivirus (Bitdefender). Be sure to make a scan on hard drive. In addition, we advise you to update the database periodically.

If you use the chrome extensions you can block intrusive ads and advertisements. Access trusted websites and download only from safe places. Check external drives such as removable disks, as they are often the main sources by which computers are contaminated.