Windows How to install Windows Server 2022 in VirtualBox to manage your data Windows Server 2022 is the latest version of the operating system…

Windows Server 2022 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system for servers. This version provides a multilayer level of security through which you can manage your data effectively. For this reason, it is important that you know how to install Windows Server 2022 in VirtualBox.

What new features does Windows Server 2022 have when installed in VirtualBox?

Windows Server 2022 has some new features that you can take advantage of by installing it on Virtual Box. This system presents SMB enhancements with higher performance. Additionally, Windows Server 2022 supports SMB encryption and cryptographic suites. It even supports AFS Tiering to migrate data to another server.

It is important to note that Windows Server 2022 is still part of the Insider version. Therefore, it may have certain conflicts or present instability. For this reason, it is convenient to use VirtualBox to know how the system worksits features and improvements.

Greater compatibility with data protection algorithms

Windows Server 2022 has support for data protection algorithms. In this regard, the AES-256-CCM and AES-256-GCM cryptographic suites are included. Also, the system is supported as AES-128 at a lower level. Microsoft Server 2022 even allows you to apply a kind of granular control over encryption.

install windows server 2022 in virtualbox to manage your data

Copy files with compression

Windows Server 2022 makes it easy to copy files with compression. To make it, users can use the commands compress, Xcopy/compress, or robocopy. It is important that the destination computer can support SMB compression.

Optimizing data migration with Azure

The latest version of Windows Server provides a preview with AFS Tiering. In this way, it is possible to data migration optimization to a server like Azure. It should be noted that the integration of Azure facilitates some processes such as updating the operating system. Also, migrate storage items and other actions.

What is the way to install the Windows Server 2022 distribution in VirtualBox?

it’s possible install in VirtualBox the windows distribution Server 2022. This action can be carried out if you want to test the system before buying it. You can also choose to install it with a license when Microsoft offers the product after the evaluation phase.

If you want to try it before you buy it

It is possible to install Windows Server 2022 on VirtualBox if you want to try it before you buy it. Access the VirtualBox official website to download and install this tool. Open VirtualBox, click on ‘Machine’ and ‘New’. Next, select the Windows Server ISO image that you’ll find on the Microsoft download website.

Choose the language and press ‘Confirm’. Then install virtual machine. Write down the name of the machine, the location, the type of system you will be using, and its architecture (32-bit or 64-bit). Press the ‘Next’ button and sets the amount of RAM. Check the box to create the virtual hard drive and press ‘Create’.

install windows server 2022 in a virtual machine for data management

Check the VDI box and press ‘Next’. Define the storage medium on the hard drive and click ‘Next’. Set the path and size of the virtual disk and press ‘Create’. In the ‘Network’ section define the ‘Bridge Adapter’. Click ‘Start’ and ‘Add’. Add the ISO image and perform the installation using the microsoft assistant.

To install it with a license

On the other hand, you can install Windows Server 2022 with a license. To do this, go to the official Microsoft website and locate the version of system evaluation. Then sign in with your account, download and install the package on your PC. It is important to mention that you will have a valid license for a period of 180 days.

Once you start the installation process through the wizard, select the operating system you are going to install and type the product key. Check the box to accept the license terms and press the ‘Next’ button. Choose the disk where you will install the system and wait a few minutes while the installation of Windows Server is carried out.

What to do if the current version of Windows Server 2022 is not allowed to be installed in VirtualBox?

If the current version of Windows Server 2022 is not allowed to be installed in VirtualBox, you will need to review the virtual machine settings. In this sense, it is convenient to expand the amount of RAM memory that you have allocated. Also, check that your hard drive has enough storage space.