Windows How to lock my Windows PC remotely? – Accessibility configuration Some systems such as iOS or Android allow you to block a stolen mobile or…

Some systems such as iOS or Android allow you to block a stolen or lost mobile. Microsoft also makes this easy with a feature called ‘Find My Device’. Therefore, in this article we will teach you how to lock the PC in Windows remotely by modify settings of accessibility.

It is possible to link a phone mobile for do remote lockout from a Windows PC. To do this, it is necessary to activate the Bluetooth of your cell phone. Then go to system settings and click on ‘Devices’. Press ‘+Add Bluetooth or other device’ and toggle the switch to enable ‘Bluetooth’ on your Windows PC.

Next, click on the ‘Bluetooth’ option to be able to add the new device. Select your mobile phone and confirm the code that will be displayed on your cell phone. Then click on ‘Pair’ in order to carry out the bonding process. Press the ‘Close’ button and verify that the name of your device added to your PC is displayed.

remotely lock windows pc

Return to the system configuration and click on ‘Accounts’. Find ‘Sign-in options’ and check the box for ‘Allow Windows to lock the device automatically when you’re away’ from the ‘Dynamic lock’ option. Indeed, you will be able to block your PC when your mobile is out of range.

What should I do to block access to my Windows computer?

There are several ways to block access to a Windows computer. One of them is to access the Microsoft website and log in with your personal account. It is also possible block access with a remote control app. You can even carry out this procedure with your Outlook account.

From the Microsoft website

It is possible to block access to a Windows computer from the Microsoft website. There, you will find options by which you can link your devices. To achieve this, you need to log in to your PC using a bill with administrator privileges. Also, you must have a Microsoft account to find your device.

Next, access the Microsoft website to log in with your email account. Right away, you’ll be able to see all the computers and devices that are linked to your account. Select your PC and click ‘More details’. Then, you will see a map that indicates the geographical location of your team. There, press ‘Lock’.

lock my windows pc remotely

With the Microsoft remote control app

You can link your cell phone to lock your Windows PC with a Microsoft remote control app. This App can be found for Android and iPhone (iOS) devices. Using this tool, users can establish a direct connection to your computer. This procedure is only valid for administrator users.

In my Outlook account

It is important to note that you can only set settings to lock your PC using your Outlook or hotmail account. Through your personal account, you will be able to log in to the Microsoft website. In this way, you will be able to see all the devices that are linked to your account to block one of them if you wish.

Once you apply the device lock, active users are logged out. Also, local accounts are disabled. Then, you will have to press the ‘Next’ button in order to compose a message for the person who finds your device. Therefore, this message will be seen when they turn on your PC.

lock pc windows remotely

How to locate my Windows computer via Find My Device?

Find My Device is a feature of the Windows operating system which allows you to lock your computer if it is lost or stolen. In order to use this tool on your PC, go to windows settings and press ‘Update and security’. Then, click on ‘Find my device’ and activate this option by clicking on ‘Change’.

Consequently, you will be able to lock your PC by accessing the Microsoft accounts website. Once you sign in, select your team and click the ‘Show details’ button. Click on ‘Find my device’ and you will see its location. If it’s in a place you don’t know, click the ‘Block’ button.

It is recommended that you modify the password of your microsoft account in case your PC has been stolen or lost. In this way, you will protect your personal data and unauthorized access to your account. If you do recover your device, you can log back in as an administrator on your Windows PC.