YouTube How to view YouTube video history from my cell phone? Every time you access content from platforms like YouTube, it…

Every time you access content from platforms like YouTube, a playback history is stored. In this way, you can quickly find content that you have seen on another occasion. For this reason, this tutorial explains how to view YouTube video history from your cell phone.

How to view my YouTube history from my phone?

There are two ways to view your YouTube history from your phone. One of them is to access the search history. Also, you can open the playback history if you want to view content that you have previously accessed. Even, you may delete both histories if you don’t want any activity logs to remain.

Search history

Search history is an activity log which stores specific searches a user has made on YouTube. In this way, it is possible to quickly find the videos that have already been seen on this platform. Search history can be cleared or paused. Also, it’s possible remove certain searches and preserve others.

Both the website and the mobile app allow access to a search history. It is important to note that the registration of searches is carried out once you log in with your account from the platform. Otherwise, the searches will be stored in the history of your web browser.

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For its part, the playback history is a record that stores all the videos that a user watches on YouTube. This tool allows you find content faster and thus, the recommendations are optimized. It is possible to control the playback history in order to delete it, pause it or remove a particular video from the list.

view youtube video history from my cell phone

Both the website and the mobile application allow access to the playback history. This record is presented to the user as long as he is logged in with his account on YouTube. Otherwise, you will not be able to access directly to the video list that you have previously viewed.

How to delete my search history on YouTube?

It is possible to delete search history on YouTube. To make it, open the YouTube App on your mobile and then tap on ‘Library’ which is at the bottom right of the screen. Then, select the ‘History’ and click on the three points. Find the ‘History Controls’ and choose ‘Clear Watch History’.

Also, you can clear YouTube search history from PC. To do so, go to the official YouTube website. Later, log in with your user account and go to your account options. Choose the ‘History’ and click ‘History Type’. Under ‘Search history’ select ‘Clear all search history’.

How to remove a video from my playback history from my mobile?

Similarly, it is possible remove a video from play history from your mobile. To achieve this, access YouTube on your cell phone and click on the ‘Library’. Then, access the ‘History’ option and press the three dots located to the right of the video you want to delete. Finally, click on ‘Remove from watch history’.

access youtube video history from my cell phone

Also, it is possible delete a video play history from the computer. To do so, open the YouTube website and sign in with your account. Next, click on the ‘History’ option located at the bottom left. Click the ‘Remove’ icon displayed to the right of the video you want to delete.

Where to find my saved videos for offline playback?

Videos saved for offline playback can be found. In this regard, you can get an App called ‘YouTube Go’. This application has a library that saves your favorite videos. Thus, it is possible to visualize them even when you don’t have one Internet connection.

You can too use the paid option called ‘YouTube Premium’. With a subscription of 11.99 euros per month, you can download all the videos you want and in high resolution. Afterwards, you will be able to view these contents at any time without an internet connection and without any type of advertisement.

If you prefer a free alternative, you can choose to download ‘TubeMate’. This program works like a web browser through which you can download all the YouTube videos you want. Later, you can see them from your cell phone No internet connection. There is a similar tool called ‘Snaptube’ that you will find on the web.