GTA 6 characters, locations and release date leaked

A document indicates specific details of the new Rockstar video game, which would have South America as an important protagonist.


GTA 6 It has become one of the most anticipated video games since rock star announced that it was already in development, but there was not much more information about it. However, a huge filtration now delivered important details such as the name and characteristics of the charactersthe locations where it will take place and until the release date.

GTA 6 characters, locations and release date leaked

As revealed by a google document posted by user TestPattern5, three main characters of the title will be Richard, Casey and Rose, who will have particular characteristics that will help them travel the huge world and achieve their goals. Also, for the first time there will be a woman as the protagonist in the saga.

Richard it’s a former elite agent of the Colombian governmentwho now aspires to become the head of the cartel called Los Perros Locos. Casey is a boxer who is willing to do anything to get money. Y Rose is a police officer who suffers from the death of her husband at the beginning of the game and falls into a harsh depression, fueled by addictions.

All three characters would have characteristic skills. Richard and Casey could recruit members to their respective criminal empires and thus expand their domains, while Rose would be able to escape more easily from the police because of his experience.

“Each character will need to sleep periodically. Refraining will slowly decrease health and slow regeneration, gradually blur the player’s view, and occasionally will cause the player to faint for a short time. Missions and firefights do not exempt the player from the need to sleep, ”says the document.

GTA 6 locations: where the story will take place

Rockstar’s video game history would begin in Colombia hand in hand with Ricardo and then would move to Liberty Statewhich has the cities of Liberty City, Carcer City, Vice City, and Cottonmouth. In the document they leaked that activities such as tennis, golf, surfing, chess, pool, basketball, cinema, arcades and betting can be carried out.

When does GTA 6 come out: release date

The user and the leaked document on Google indicated that the story will last 75 hours and that the launch is planned for the Q4 2024that is, between october and december. In addition, he provided many extra details regarding the gameplay that you can review in the link.

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