Download play store for tablet

Download play store for tablet

Google Play Store (Play Store) – which was formerly known as Android Market – is the official app store for Android smartphones and tablets. Through it, Google allows users download software, music, films either digital books both free and paid.

The Play Store has a fairly simple and intuitive interface in terms of its use. Through this application, users can access thousands of content, both software and multimedia.

Google play tablet

Google Play running on a tablet.

⛔ Play Store does not come pre-installed on all tablets

While is true that Most mobile phones do come pre-installed with the Play Store, allowing users to carry out all the tasks that we have described in the previous paragraphs, this does not happen so much with tablets. There are many Chinese tablets that do not have the Play Store installed, but this problem does not only occur with little-known Chinese developers, something similar also happens with well-known manufacturers such as Amazon with its tablets of the range Kindle Fire. Another well-known company that sometimes does not have the store pre-installed is Lenovo.

Installation on these tablets is quite simple and similar to installing Google Play on a mobile phone that does not have it installed, but it is not the same in most cases. We need to install some older apps for the Play Store to work properly on the tablet.

📢 Prerequisites before installing Play Store on your tablet

  • Make sure your tablet has the Android operating system. And perhaps for many this may seem too basic, but since this tutorial is aimed at users of all kinds, it should be remembered that there are many tablets with the Windows 10 operating system or even Dual Boot. If your tablet is not compatible with Android, you will not be able to install the Play Store using this method, but don’t worry, we have other solutions for you later.

Windows tablet not supported

This tablet uses the Windows 10 operating system and is therefore not compatible with the Play Store.

Inside the Google Services Framework download file you will find a zip file with a bunch of versions. You must check what is the Android version of your tablet and install the correct one.

It is recommended that download these files directly from your tablet. If you don’t have that option, you will have to download them from your PC and then transfer them to your tablet via USB cable or by inserting them into a memory card if your tablet is compatible.

It is likely that during the download you will receive a warning that the file may be dangerous. We invite you to personally check it with an antivirus, both this and any other file downloaded from PlayStoreGratis, since they have all been tested in advance and are therefore safe.

🔓 Enable installation from unknown sources

To be able to install applications in APK format, you need to enable the Unknown sources or the Unknown origins. Although this step may vary a bit on each tablet due to the customization layer, essentially the process will be the same:

  1. go to settings.
  2. Next select Security and Privacy.
  3. Enabled the Unknown sources for applications, as you see in the image.

enable unknown sources

💡 Install Play Store APK for tablet

If you have already carried out the previous steps, you have practically done almost all the work, now you only have to Go to your tablet storage using the file manager default on your tablet and locate the downloaded files. If you have downloaded them directly to the tablet, they will surely be found inside the folder Downloads of the memory.

Next go installing the different applications following this orderif you skip the order, the Play Store will not work:

  1. Install the APK of Google Account Manager.
  2. Install the APK of Google Services Framework.
  3. Install the APK of Google Play Services.
  4. Finally install the APK of Play Store.

After installing these applications, you can finally start using the Play Store on your tablet, by logging in with your Gmail account or creating a new one. If you have not been able to carry out this process on your tablet, do not be discouraged, then we leave you a different one that will surely help you.

💡 Download Play Store for Huawei tablet

If you have been unlucky enough to be affected by the fact that Huawei cannot install Google services on its devices and you would like to be able to install both the Play Store and other applications from its ecosystem: Gmail, YouTube, etc., this tutorial is what you need. what are you looking for. In fact, this tutorial works for any Android device.

In these cases, it is not possible to install the APK from the Play Store as we have explained in the previous section. In addition, installing the APK that gives access to Google Play and the rest of the files once is fine, but having to do it with each application, it can be a real hassle and also at great risk. So with this method we get rid of all this and have a fully functional Play Store to use.

📢 Prerequisites:

  • An Android tablet (either Huawei, Samsung or any other brand).
  • At least 1.5 GB of free space in the memory of our tablet.
  • The latest version of VMOS Pro:

📳 Install a virtual machine with Google Services

Once the latest version of VMOS Pro is downloaded from the above link on the tablet, you need to start the APK installation process on the tablet.

  1. Open the installation APK file and select the option Install.
  2. Once the installation process is finished you must select the option Open to open the application, this option is located in the lower left margin.
  3. Now you put your tablet in portrait mode as the installation will take place in portrait mode.
  4. Drag the different notices of the application from left to right and finally click on Enter VMOS Pro.
  5. On the next screen you must select the option One-click authorization to give the pertinent permissions.
  6. Next you must enable the VMOS Pro application to be superimposed on others so that it shows its quick access bubble. To do this, activate the option overlay apps.
  7. Then you have to return to the previous menu and give all the permissions that the application requests by clicking on Allow repeatedly.
  8. You must skip the tutorial on the screen and then select the desired rom which should be the one that brings the Google services already pre-installed. This rom will not occupy more than 1.5 GB in memory, once selected press start and the download will begin.
  9. The download and installation process, with a decent connection, won’t take too long.
  10. Another tutorial will appear below about some of the features of this rom like rooting, xposed and so on. You must skip it.
  11. Now with the new rom started and within the applications screen you must click on Settings and enable Google Services. You give to confirm and restart the virtual rom.
  12. Finally, from the browser, enter the url to download the APK from the Play Store, download it and install it.
  13. Now all that remains is to log in or create a new Google account to be able to access the Play Store freely.

With this method you can have a virtual machine inside the tablet and either access it whenever you want or use it permanently with all Google apps and download many others from Google Play.

💡 Have the Play Store on any tablet

For this last method it is only necessary to have a tablet with a browser or internet connection, it doesn’t even matter or not if the OS is Android or notsince what you are going to do is run a virtual machine with the Android operating system and the Play Store pre-installed remotely.

Therefore, it is an ideal method for those people who have a tablet with a Windows or iOS operating system and who do not want to complicate it too much or have to install anything.

  1. First download the following link with the online Android emulator.
  2. Within the emulator screen in your browser, click on the button start.
  3. Wait for the countdown to finish before the emulator starts.
  4. When you see in green letters the legend “Emulator Started Successfully!!” click on the button Enter and wait for the upload process to finish.
  5. Done, you will see a screen with the emulator running on your tablet and access to the Play Store so you can log in or create a new account.


As you may have seen, installing the Play Store on a tablet is not as easy as it could be to install this app store on a normal Android mobile, even so, it is simply a matter of installing a few larger applications or looking for some. more or less ingenious alternatives.

Once the Play Store is installed, you’ll be able to access a whole world of new applications that will allow you to get much more out of your tablet than you’ve been getting up to now.