Google Home Max: The smart speaker with Google

Google Home Max: The smart speaker with Google

Many of the people today want to convert their homes into a Smart Home, this with the idea of ​​being able to automate their home through electronics devices that can make your life easier, one of those are the smart speakers, which have virtual assistants built-in devices that can give orders to the other gadgets without pressing a button, one of them is the Google Home Max, which has built-in Google Assistant.

Google Home Max Features

The main feature of the Google Home Max smart speaker is that this device has the Google Assistant virtual assistantthis in order that people can connect it with the different smartphones today, it doesn’t matter if it’s a iphone or one with Android operating systemin order to have greater control of the device using only voice commands.

Another of the main features of the Google Home Max smart speaker is that it is from a big size in order to offer a higher sound power at the time of being used, this is with the idea that if the user wants to play music from streaming platforms of songs like Spotify either Apple Music This can emit sound at a high volume in order to satisfy the hearing needs of people.

The Google Home Max smart speaker features a WiFi connection which is the one that allows you to connect with different cell phones, but it also works so that the Google Assistant can connect with other devices that have the same network in order to be able to be controlled by the virtual assistant, this is possible thanks to the fact that the user can configure the gadgets through application.

Benefit of the Google Home Max

The main benefit when purchasing the Google Home Max is that the user will be able to hold meetings at home and satisfy the different listening and entertainment needs through this speaker, since thanks to the power that people have, they will be able to enjoy music without the need to purchase another speaker to do that action.

How much does the Google Home Max cost?

In order to acquire the Google Home Max smart speaker, it is necessary to go to the official page of the On-line shop of Amazon or of Free market, where you can find other models of Smart speaker that have other virtual assistants, and this can have a price that ranges between $8000 mexican pesosmaking this device a bit expensive compared to others.