How to dowload youtube video on your PC (2023)

How to dowload youtube video on your PC (2023)

Update: In addition to all the ways that you could already read about how to dowload youtube video, now we show you three other websites where you can get it, such as YooDownload, VidPaw, Catchvideo, KeepVid and Videovor.

There are many users who wonder How to dowload youtube video. If this is your case, the answer is very simple: you just have to copy and paste the link of the video that you would like to download, enter it in any of the pages that we show you below and download it directly to your device.

With this simple formula and a lot of patience, you could download the entire YouTube.

For copyright reasons, the streaming video platform has never allowed video files to be downloaded natively has always been limited to viewing.

Until recently, it was only possible to view the videos if you had an Internet connection, although with the arrival of YouTube Premium things changed and you can view the content offline, after paying a monthly subscription.

If you don’t want to pay for watch dowload youtube video offlineThere are pages to download them that allow you to choose in detail how you want to download them: you can configure both the resolution (from the lowest so that the file takes up little space, up to Full HD, also including 4K) and the extension (MP4 , AVI, 3GP and even MP3, if you want to convert it to an audio file).

How to dowload youtube video on computer:

Is it legal to dowload youtube video?

Dowload youtube video it is neither legal nor illegal, at least officially, it is in a middle ground between legality and illegality.

Google clearly prohibits downloading videos from its platform in its Terms and Conditions of Use and points out that the contents it houses are not made to be downloaded: it only allows reproduction on its platform. But many download sites have been around for years, and it’s not like the company has done much to bring them down.

Despite the fact that some pages that are clearly focused on downloading music from YouTube have closed in recent years, there are still many others that are still perfectly functional. AND They are valid for both mobile and computer.

Why there are no applications to dowload youtube video on Google Play

dowload youtube video

As we are going to see with the examples that we are going to show you, the truth is that in Google Play the situation is different from the pages. The company has long decided to erase any trace of the applications that allowed you to dowload youtube video the videos from your streaming platform. If you are looking for, for example, apps from “dowload youtube video You will see that no results are shown.

It is clear that many of the applications that have disappeared from Google Play are still available as APKs on the web, but is it really worth taking the risk of downloading an installable file that may be infected?



ClipConverter It is a first tool that we are going to show you. It is one of the best known and used for many years.

Despite the very old design of the page, it still works and the download process is extremely simple:

  • Go to (or open the app on mobile) and enter the video you want to download. In case you have already located it, go to the next point.
  • Copy the video URL. It is a link with this format: (for example)
  • From the browser it is as easy as copy the url from the top bar, while from the application you must click on the option to Share and then click on copy link.
  • These steps that we have told you are going to be common to all the download websites that we are going to see.
  • Once you have the link copied, go to this page:
  • In the first box of media direction paste the link of the video that you have copied before and click on Continue.
  • In the boxes below you can choose the resolution and file format that you are going to download, and once you have done it, click on the button Discharge.

With these simple steps you will have the video downloaded. You can play it whenever you want without the Internet or with a connection to the one more file that you will have on your computer.

From that moment you can copy, edit or reproduce it as much as you want.



another website that is capable download videos from YouTube and other websites very popular like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is YooDownload.

The way to get those video files is extremely easy:

  • Let’s go to YooDownload, we copy the URL of the video that we want to download and click on Download.
  • You will notice that now, we will be able to download in different video qualities and different file types.
  • We choose the one we want by clicking on Download,



Another case where dowload youtube video is going to be a extremely simple task. Do not be fooled, although the web does not have a very successful interface, the truth is that it has all the capabilities that we have seen in the rest of the options.

The way to handle it is this:

  • We enter inside Youzik.
  • We copy the URL in the skill area for it and click on Search.
  • Then it lets us choose whether to download in MP4 or MP3. You already know that in this case we must choose video, so it’s time MP4.
  • In the next window, just click on Download MP4 and it will automatically be downloaded to our hard drive. That easy.



This is another website where we will be able to download the video that we want in different qualities and not only in MP4, but also in MP3, in case we only want the audio.

The way it works is similar to the previous options:

  • We enter VidPaw and put the url in the area where you can write.
  • Next, we must click on dowload youtube video.
  • We choose the quality in which we want to have it on the computer and then click on Download.
  • At that moment the video will be downloaded to your computer and you can start enjoying it.

catch video

catch video

Another chance is to enter the Catchvideo website and dowload youtube video that we want. Although it also has an application for it, we are going to focus on the web.

The steps to get the video that we like so much in our internal storage are the following:

  • We enter Catchvideo.
  • Then we write the Url address of the video in the area enabled for it and immediately press catch!.
  • Next, it will show us different image qualities and MP3 files to download.
  • We just choose the one we want and click on Download.
  • Automatically, it will go to the internal storage of our computer.



another website that can be used to dowload youtube video is KeepVid.

We only have to follow a few precise steps and everything will be satisfactory:

  • We enter KeepVid.
  • Copy the link of the dowload youtube video and paste it in the web field to put the url.
  • Then we click on go or give to intro of the keyboard.
  • We will see how a table appears where we will have different types of quality and formats. Click on Download the one we want
  • The video will automatically begin to download to our computer.



With Videovor You won’t have to download any program to get the dowload youtube video you wanted so much to be on your computer.

The way to do it is similar to all the other options.

  • Enter Videovor.
  • Then we go to YouTube and we copy the link of the video.
  • in Videovor we paste the URL in the bar enabled for it.
  • Click on Begin.
  • Now we select if we want MP4, M4A or MP3 (if we wanted only audio).
  • We click on get the link.
  • Once it has loaded, click on failover link and it will be automatically downloaded to our computer storage.

The official Google option: YouTube Premium

Youtube music

There is one more option, and this is official: it is about YouTube PremiumYouTube’s subscription service. It allows you to download and play the videos without internet connection. It also offers you another series of advantages, such as the absence of ads, access to the YouTube Music Premium music service or to the exclusive original content of the platform, YouTube dowload Originals.

The subscription price is 11.99 euros per month for the individual plan, but you have the possibility to try the service for free for 60 days through this link.

Now you will be able to dowload youtube video that you like the most to your hard drive and enjoy them whenever you want, whether or not you have a connection. If you have tried them, which of all the websites did you like the most? Or have you chosen to purchase YouTube in its paid version? Tell us on our social networks.