Save and dowload youtube video this is how

Save and dowload youtube video this is how

Many users, when they want dowload youtube video they ask themselves the same question: how to do it without programs?

In general, to download videos from this and other similar video hosting platforms, you must install a program or extension on your device –complement or plugin– in your browser.

However, in this post I am going to show you the best pages to dowload youtube video without using programs.

Method 1: The great unknown “SS”

With the help of SaveFrom service, we can download not only individual videos on any device, but a full youtube channel.

Although SaveFrom has its own extension for the most popular browsers, the truth is that we don’t need it.

To dowload youtube video with this trick, all we have to do is:

  • Enter YouTube.
  • Find the video we want to download.
  • After “www” and before “youtube”, insert the letters “ss”.

If you followed the instructions well, the video link would look like this:

Afterwards, we just have to press “Enter” on the keyboard. From there, we will be redirected to the page where we will have to click on the link “I only want to download in my browser with low quality“.

dowload youtube video

At this time, we can download the video in different formats and qualities: MP4 360p, MP4 720p, MP4 180p (without audio), WEBM 1080p (without audio). It is possible that depending on the video they appear more formats different. For example, 3GP 144p and 240por download the 128kbps MP4 audio.

download youtube videos without audioSaveFrom allows us download youtube videos without audio.

Method 2: How to download videos with KeepVid

another of the best sites to download free videos it’s KeepVid. This page is in English, but it is very simple and easy to use.

Although the service as such does not require installing any third-party program on our computer, we must have installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Downloading videos through KeepVid works as follows:

  • Enter
  • Copy and paste the link of the dowload youtube video you want to download into the blank URL field.
  • Click “go” or hit enter on your keyboard.
  • A table will appear to download the video in different formats and quality. Click on the button “Download” of the size and quality you want (eg 960×720 MP4).
  • The video file will start downloading to your PC.

If the download does not start automatically, you can right click on the “Download” button and select “Save link as…”. In Chrome and Edge you can also use the key combination ALT + Left Click about the button. If instead of starting to download the video, it plays, right-click and select “Save video how…“.

Method 3: How to download videos with YouTube Premium on any device

Download premium YouTube videos

YouTube Premium is an exclusive service of the platform for a fee. It allows you to save videos directly from the application or the web. No additional apps or tricks needed.

YouTube Premium mode offers two models:

  • Regular subscription by 11.99 euros per month
  • family subscription for €17.99 per month

Through the family subscription, YouTube Premium can be used by up to six family members over the age of 13 in the same household.

How to download videos with YouTube Premium

To download YouTube Premium videos on PC:

  1. Access YouTube.
  2. Find the YouTube video you want to download.
  3. Between the Share and Save buttons at the bottom right of the video, look for the button to start the download.
  4. Click the button “Discharge” and choose the quality in which you want to download the video.

How to try YouTube Premium free for two months

If you don’t want to pay for YouTube Premium but still want to use it to download YouTube videos, use both for free trial. If you have never used the service before, you can try it first.

At the end of the trial period, you must unsubscribe, otherwise the fees will be charged automatically. You can cancel at any time.

Method 4: dowload youtube video from your mobile

On the other hand, you can always install a YouTube video downloader app on your phone. The operation is very similar: you enter the URL of the YouTube video and the application saves it in your gallery.

There are literally hundreds of these apps for Android on Google Play or for iPhone on the App Store for dowload youtube video. One of them, which is the one I used to use, is called tubemate. While you can’t get this app from official app stores, you can download it as an APK file from the Tubemate website.

Method 5: How to convert YouTube videos to MP3

Download YouTube Videos PC

ClipConverter is a web application completely free and free of advertising which is not only for dowload youtube video, but also for converting any video or audio from almost any website.

ClipConverter allows the direct dowload youtube video in quality 720p, 1080p, or 4K in 30 or 60 fps, as available. The steps to convert a video with ClipConverter are:

  1. Go to
  2. Copy and paste the address of the video you want to convert to “Media Direction“and press the button”Continue”.
  3. Select the quality and format to which you want to convert the video. The conversion options are: MP3, M4A and AAC for audio, and MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV and MKV for video.
  4. Press the button “Begin” at the bottom to start the conversion. This may take a few minutes.
  5. Once the conversion is finished, you can now download the video or audio file.


You don’t always need the Internet to watch your favorite videos. There are many ways to dowload youtube video, and the ones I just showed you are the best ones for me right now.

Of course, not all methods are allowed. According to YouTube’s terms, andThe use of applications is not legally allowedexcept in some cases where the express consent of YouTube (in writing) and the owners of the content that we are downloading is obtained.

Anyway, as long as the videos you download are for personal consumption and you don’t use them for commercial purposes, I don’t think you’ll have any problems.

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