Wundermap review

Wundermap review

Wundermap was the weather app that beat all other weather apps. It was accurate, it could track microclimates, it offered exceptionally detailed weather data for almost anywhere in the world, and it worked on both Android and iOS. Look it up now and you won’t see it anywhere. It has been superseded by Weather Underground but is still known as Wundermap.

They are the ones behind Wundermap and have retired the app in favor of something fresher and more universal. However, to muddy the waters a bit, even Weather Underground refers to its app elements as Wundermap, so I’ll continue to use that name as I remember it.

Wundermap App Review

Wundermap is different for moving commercial weather operations in that it uses data from both local and national weather stations. It has more than 180,000 of them around the world, offering up-to-the-minute weather information, as well as cartographic data, storm alerts and all kinds of weather benefits.

This crowdsourcing of weather data adds a lot of detail to what is acquired from local and commercial weather stations. This is especially useful for more changeable areas where you can get near real-time data on everything from air pressure, wind speed, temperature, cloud cover, and anything else you might need. It is ideal for anyone who practices outdoor sports, sailing or flying.

All you need to do to make it work is download the app, allow it access to location services, and you’re good to go. It works by adding layers to a map depending on the data you are looking for. You can have a simple overview or more detail of barometric pressure or wind speed as well.

The original Wundermap app was good but had some bugs. The new app for both Android and iOS works well and has fewer bugs than I’ve seen. The app itself is free, but contains in-app purchases to remove ads. The ads are not intrusive and are considered safe. Contribute weather data to the app Ads are removed for free in return.

If you are visiting a new area or like to explore different places, the weather webcam look of the app and website is quite good. There is a list of the latest 50 webcams on the site that you can access with a tap or a click. Each one offers a glimpse of a part of the world, from here at home to Europe, Asia and even Australia. Definitely one for the time voyeur!

It takes a bit of time to understand the amount of data available on Wundermaps, but most of it is labeled or comes with a legend so you can quickly understand what’s going on. The app is content to be a basic weather app, but it is capable of so much more. Considering it’s only $1.99 a year, there are plenty of reasons to use it if you’re interested in the weather.